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Lectoraat E-Discovery

E-DiscoveryLectoraat E-Discovery Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (KDIR)

KDIR is part of IC3K, the 7th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management.
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Knowledge Discovery is an interdisciplinary area focusing upon methodologies for identifying valid, novel, potentially useful and meaningful patterns from data, often based on underlying large data sets. A major aspect of Knowledge Discovery is data mining, i.e. applying data analysis and discovery algorithms that produce a particular enumeration of patterns (or models) over the data. Knowledge Discovery also includes the evaluation of patterns and identification of which add to knowledge.

Information retrieval (IR) is concerned with gathering relevant information from unstructured and semantically fuzzy data in texts and other media, searching for information within documents and for metadata about documents, as well as searching relational databases and the Web. Automation of information retrieval enables the reduction of what has been called “information overload”.
Information retrieval can be combined with knowledge discovery to create software tools that empower users of decision support systems to better understand and use the knowledge underlying large data sets.


Joaquim FilipePolytechnic Institute of Setúbal / INSTICC, Portugal


Ana FredInstituto de Telecomunicações / IST, Portugal

Jan VanthienenKU Leuven, Belgium
Paul BuitelaarNational University of Ireland, Ireland
João César das NevesUniversidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), Portugal
Giancarlo GuizzardiFederal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil and Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology, Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy
Ralf BoguschAirbus Defence and Space, Germany



Information Filtering and Retrieval – DART
Chairs: Cristian Lai, Alessandro Giuliani and Giovanni Semeraro


Chairs: Fernando Brito e Abreu and Elsa Cardoso
Registration: October 5, 2015

Submission: October 9, 2015